Seattle Experience Gifts


Here’s one thing you can give a loved one that they can’t purchase for themselves: An unforgettable memory. In Seattle, experience gifts are the way to go for birthdays, anniversaries, or even date night. Show how much you care about a loved one’s happiness by purchasing a gift card to a Lawless experience. We just feel sorry for making your other gifts look bad.

Our gift certificates never expire.

The ‘Start Date’ represents the date of purchase. The recipient can reach out at their convenience to book their class with us.

The recipient will receive the gift certificate via email the day you purchase it UNLESS you input YOUR email address where it asks for the ‘Recipient Email.’ If you do not wish to have the recipient see the gift certificate immediately, please input your email as the ‘Recipient Email’. This will allow you to print the gift certificate or forward the email on a day of your choosing.

Horseshoe Knife From Seattle Blacksmithing Class

Horseshoe Knife Forging Experience Gift Card

Bottle Opener from Seattle Blacksmithing Class

Bottle Opener Forging Experience Gift Card


Each Gift Card is good for 1 admission. The recipient may apply their gift card towards any class at Lawless Forge.