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Looking for the most unique experience in Seattle? We offer private blacksmithing classes your group will remember for a lifetime. From parties and celebrations to team-building events, our classes are designed to help you forge stronger bonds by journeying beyond the ordinary. Together.

Our classes are designed for people of all ages and skill levels to let loose and be Lawless. What experience will your group choose?

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Damascus Steel Ring from Blacksmithing Class

Damascus Steel Ring

Forge a ring to last a lifetime! This experience combines the timeless skills of blacksmithing with the delicate and intricate precision of jewelry making. Beginning with a chunk of Damascus stainless steel that was made in-house, you’ll forge your way into a remarkable, sized, fitted, and unique ring to take home and wear the very same day.

Group Size 2 3-10
Price $550 flat + additional $175 per person
You are viewing our Private Group Option. We offer a discounted, non-private version of this experience as well – check it out here!
Premium Ring Option
Looking to forge a more premium ring? Reach out about precious metal enhancements using Silver or Gold to create a one-of-a-kind ring for a wedding, anniversary, or special memory.
Horseshoe Knife from Seattle Blacksmithing Class

Horseshoe Knife

Begin with half a horseshoe and walk away with the coolest knife you’ve ever seen! Perfect for a steak knife, paring knife, or box cutter. In case it’s not enough to forge a knife, you’ll also use some super fun power tools such as belt sanders.

Most fulfilling and exciting of all options simply because you’ll see a horseshoe transform into a beautiful knife. Great option if you enjoy a bit of critical thinking and something truly unique.

$85 per Person ($425 Minimum)
Chopsticks from Private Seattle Blacksmithing Class


Never worry about running out of disposable chopsticks! Using a rod of steel and a square piece of metal, you’ll learn the exciting techniques of tapering, twisting, and swaging hot steel.
*Wasabi Bowl not included

Most detail-oriented of all options. A great choice for perfectionists!

$85 per Person ($425 Minimum)
Rebar Knife from Private Seattle Experience

Rebar Knife

Begin with a rod of rebar and walk away with an essential cutting utensil! Perfect for a steak knife, paring knife, or box cutter. In case it’s not enough to forge a knife, you’ll also use some super fun power tools such as belt sanders.

Most care-free of all options: Just hammer away to your heart’s content without worrying about making a mistake. Great if you just want to hit some metal.

$70 per Person ($350 Minimum)
BBQ Fork Blacksmithing Class

BBQ Fork

Amp up the heat at your next BBQ and forge your very own bbq fork with friends, family, or coworkers.

Using traditional blacksmithing techniques, a forge, and fire, you will learn how to twist, bend, scroll, taper, and split hot metal. Transform a rod of steel into your very own functional BBQ Fork that you get to take home with you the very same day!

$70 per Person ($350 Minimum)
Bottle Opener from Private Experience

Bottle Opener

Begin with a rod of steel and make your very own functional bottle opener! Learn an exciting array of techniques such as twisting, bending, scrolling, and tapering hot steel. If anyone in your group doesn’t drink alcohol, we’ll help them make a towel/coat hook instead.

Least physical of all options.

Designed for Groups of 15+
$55 per Person ($825 Minimum)